Cu Chi Tunnel



Cu Chi Tunnel, 70km from Ho Chi Minh City in the Northwest, is a famous tourist attraction drawing many visitors every year. It is a defensive system created during 1946-1948 in the anti-French resistance war. As deeply lying underground with many stratums, nooks and crannies, Cu Chi Tunnel can bear the destructive power of explosive weapons and can let air in through air holes inside. Covering the total length over 200m, the Tunnel was the place of living, meeting, giving emergency medical care, storing weapons and fighting for Cu Chi’s soldiers and people during the fierce battles. Those who lived in the Tunnel often suffered from many diseases due to the lack of light, food, necessities and good hygienic conditions.

Cu Chi Tunnel recognized as the National Historical Monument by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has now become HCMC’s frequently-visited site by tourists within and out of Viet Nam. There are two places in Cu Chi Tunnel including Ben Duoc Tunnel protected in Phu Hiep Hamlet, Phu My Hung Village, Cu Chi District and Ben Dinh Tunnel protected in Ben Dinh Hamlet, Nhuan Duc Village, Cu Chi District. Visiting the Tunnel will bring travelers terrific chances to directly experience the life underground and learn more about the strong will, effort as well as creation of residents who used to live here.

As the vivid evidence to the heroic fighting spirit of Cu Chi’s military and people during the war against the invaders, Cu Chi Tunnel should be high in your must-visit list when coming to HCMC.