Vietnam Food

Today Vietnam is a thrilling place to be. Resplendent with color, exotic smells, and delicious tastes, it has risen from the ruins with its spirit intact. From the border with China in the north to the rice mills of the Mekong Delta in the south, this land of rivers and lush, emerald green paddy fields hums with activity. There are unspoiled beaches, peaceful lagoons, dense jungles and rugged mountains with roaring waterfalls. Visitors are graciously accepted and the Vietnamese people, in spite of their history of hardship, are always smiling and friendly.

Since the opening of Vietnam to tourism, there has been a new wave of excitement in all aspects of its culture, with a growing emphasis on the cuisine. And, with the spread of Vietnamese refugees to different corner of the world, authentic restaurants have mushroomed in Sydney, Paris and California, all presenting an intrigue of flavors and history.

It is said that Vietnam Food and Drink are something that could not be missed when traveling to the country of Vietnam. Each region from North to South has its own specialties which make the distinguished feature of this region. Though the Vietnamese foods are assessed tasty and good for health, not all of foreigners can be familiar with this. For such visitors, a system of hotels and restaurants is available with both Western and Eastern styles for your stay in Vietnam.











The Vietnamese are keen on eating snacks. Their daily life is generally lived on the streets so wherever you go there are markets, small restaurants, cafes and makeshift stalls made out of bamboo, selling or cooking every type of snack. The southern city Ho Chi Minh City is abuzz with the sounds and sights of culinary activity. The streets are so enticingly thick with the smell of cooking you could almost bite the air. From the minute the city awakens just before dawn, the tables and stools are ready for early workers who come queueing for bowls of the classic noodles soup pho. Others sit patiently waiting for the slow drip of coffee filtering into cups. Pungent spices like cinnamon, ginger and star anise tickle your nose as you navigate your way around the morning coming alive:sputtering motorbikes, pedestrians dodging traffic, tinkling bicycles (sometimes carrying fascinating livestocks such as ducks and hens spilling out of baskets), and fruit sellers weaving their way through the crowds, pushing carts of pineapple, mango or papaya, freshly peeled and kept cool on a bed of ice. You don’t have to look for food in Vietnam; it finds you!


Vietnamese Pho

People often said that “Pho” (noodle soup)and “nem ran” (spring roll) can represent for Vietnamese foods which are really diversified from the North to the South, from rural to urban and even from Spring to Winter. When you travel from the North to the South of Vietnam, you will realize the sharp difference in the flavor of foods in each local. Although foreign visitors consider Vietnamese food quite healthy in general, each food has its outstanding features which symbolized for each region of Vietnam country. For example, the Middle foods are always spicier than the North and the South ones. It derives from the habit of how the local people prepare and enjoy their foods.

Perhaps you will not deny making a tour on culinary of Vietnam, won’t you? Firstly in the North, you will be impressed by various kinds of foods ranging from those of the mountainous areas to those of the deltas. In particular of Hanoi, what attracts foreign tourists most can be named as “Bun cha” which is voted as a “must-eat” dish by the majority of foreign travelers. Continue to satisfy your taste with some foods in the Middle – which is generally considered hotter and spicier than those of the North. Please do not miss trying some central specialties like “Bun Bo Hue” (Hue Beef Noodle) and Cao Lau Hoian (Hoian vermicelli).

And finally stopping at the Southern Vietnam, you might find the difference in Southern food from others because the Southern people have the habits of adding more sugar in their foods. Especially, the majority of Southern people are fond of some “rural foods” – which are now considered as famous specialties of this region. The given name can be “Banh xeo” (rice pancake folded in half), “banh canh Trang Bang” (or rice spaghetti) of Tay Ninh province, etc. Furthermore, the Southern region of Vietnam can be considered the land of fruit gardens. Taking a boat tour along the river of Cuu Long, you will not only enjoy the nature beauty of sightseeing around but also have chance to try special fruits such as mango, durian (sau rieng), grape fruits (buoi), mangosteen (mang cut), star apple (vu sua) and rambutan (chom chom).