Hanoi is listed as the second most budgeted tour of the world


“Asia offers the most reasonable prices while Europe is the most expensive region for tourism”, reviewed by TripAdvisor when introducing a list of the most expensive and cheapest tourism destinations of the world, of which Hanoi is listed as the second cheapest city to visit.

Comparing the total price of a complete tour for two including: 1 four-star hotel night, dinner with a fined red-wine, one cocktail party and 6km of traveling by taxi is how TripAdvisor measure and complete the list of ten most expensive and ten cheapest tourist city in the world.

According to this list, tourists in Oslo City of Norway bears the largest traveling budget with a total cost of US$562.26 for a complete trip. Other most expensive cities in Europe are Zurich (Switzerland), Stockholm (Sweden), Paris (France), London (England) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

In opposite, most of the cities in the cheapest list are in Asia. Besides Hanoi, Bangkok (Thailand) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) are two cities in the South East Asia which take the 6th and 7th place of the most budgeted tourist cities.

According to TripAdvisor, Asia offers the most reasonable prices while Europe is in the opposite. However, there are still some exception such as Singapore, Sofia, Warsaw and Budapest. Although Singapore is in Asia and Sofia is in Europe, Singapore is the 10th most expensive city while Sofia is one of the cheapest places.

In order to produce the most accurate result, TripAdvisor choose from tourism centres of 49 nations which possess the largest number of tourists based on statistics of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


Source: VNO

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